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Pre-Exchange Intensive Spanish Course

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Students are required to have completed a minimum of five semesters university-level Spanish or its equivalent prior to the exchange. If this minimum knowledge of the language can not be proved, they are expected to take the pre-session Spanish intensive course. This four-hour-a-day course is offered in February and July before the start of each semester.
The tuition fee for the course in February 2008 is 1.600 pesos argentinos. This price does not include room and board. Room and board for that month will be approximately US$ 500. The pre-session course for the first semester 2008 will run from 1st to 29th February 2008. Registration will be from 1st August 2007 to 27th January 2008.

To register in the Pre-Exchange Intensive Spanish course, please go to our web-page ( ) and follow these steps:

1) Click where it says "Cursos Extracurriculares".
2) Click where it says "Si desea conocer la oferta de cursos e inscribirse en alguno de ellos, ingrese por esta opción".
3) Fill in the space where it says "Buscar con el texto" and choose “Curso Intensivo de español".
4) Choose the appropriate course according to the schedule, click where it says "Elegir”, and press "Siguiente".
5) Where it says "Seleccionar Procedencia", please choose Córdoba Capital. Then click "Elegir" and press "Siguiente".
6) Now click "Sin clave" and fill out the form with the information as it appears in your passport. Take into account that you must provide your home address. Please do not forget to submit your current e-mail address.
7) For payment, click next to the amount and press "Siguiente". To print your enrollment form and your payment form, please press "Imprimir".
Payment will be done in cash at UCC upon arrival.

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