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Universidad Católica de Córdoba does not have dormitories for exchange students; therefore the Área de Intercambio Académico (AIA) gives advice regarding housing options through its housing database in the web site:
(Students coming through ISEP must consult the ISEP link).

Students are expected to choose a host family by contacting them via e-mail or phone and to confirm the reservation of the housing choice they like best. For the reservation to be valid, students must communicate it to the AIA at least one month before the official arrival date. This information must be addressed to infoderex@uccor.edu.ar or secderex@uccor.edu.ar . If students do not inform the Área de Intercambio Académico about their housing arrangement, the AIA will pick up an option for them. This housing option can only be modified after a month of placement from the official arrival date. Students will do their own laundry. Entering phone calls are allowed but for overseas and long distance calls, students can use a phone card or use public phones outside their homes.

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